August is always a big month for the Coco Charity as we celebrate World Humanitarian Day and World HalfCut Day. We, at Coconut Bowls, are so grateful for the incredible passion of our Coco Community who helped to feed the less fortunate through our buy a bowl, give a bowl campaign and also reforest cleared land to create homes for wildlife in partnership with HalfCut. 

When we released the Mermaid Collection we had no idea how much our community would love it! In addition to keeping single use plastic out of our oceans, 10% of all sales were donated to Lonely Whale. This amazing organisation was selected by our mermaid friend Kathryn Nelson because the work they do is vital in reaching the dream of a plastic free planet. Thanks to everyone who shared their Mermaid Collection of Coconut Bowls! We see you and appreciate every single photo and video. 

Would you shave half of your head or beard to save the rainforest? Thousands of people took the shaver out on the 31st of August for World HalfCut Day in support of this amazing cause. A huge thank you to everyone who bought a HalfCut Coconut Bowl on the 31st of August! By doing so you helped us plant 300 trees in an incredible result for the environment. Without a healthy planet we won't have healthy people so every tree and every Coconut Bowl makes a difference.

At Coconut Bowls we’re proud to be nourishing the efforts of Sea Shepherd Ocean Conservation Society through our 1% for the Planet donations. Sea Shepherd is the only ocean conservation organisation using direct action to protect, conserve and defend marine wildlife while also fighting the tide of marine plastic pollution in our beloved ocean. Make sure you follow Coconut Bowls on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for exciting updates about our partnership with Sea Shepherd.

We knew you were amazing but wow the Coconut Bowls Community really came to the party! 355 meals were created from our World Humanitarian Day campaign. Our values of health, sustainability and community stood tall and proud in these trying times when you made the choice to support less fortunate people. The buy a bowl, give a bowl initiative is in its second year and we couldn't be more proud of the way our community came together to support this work. Thank you from us and the people who received your charitable act. Together we are proving the strength and compassion of a united world.

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