Get to know us

The Coconut Bowls Movement
Coconut Bowls is a community-driven brand and movement who are, quite literally, moved by our community. We are moved from the kind words that are shared within our community every single day, we are progressive because of the pace of our community, and we are always growing because of our community. Sharing photos in our hero product everyday, the infamous Coconut Bowl, it is you that drives the instant access to paradise in the form of a bowl. We run on a pay-it-forward currency, with intent to support you as you support us and sustainability.

That Coconut Bowls Feeling

Our community created that ‘Coconut Bowls Feeling’, the one that transports you to the tropics, rings to the sweet tune of a pacific ukulele, and has you flow to the beat of rolling waves. Coconut Bowls are bowls that literally grow on trees, having evolved from a seed being plantd. Could this be why we feel so connected to nature and life itself when eating out of a Coconut Bowl?

A Coconut Man’s Sustainable Living

Have you read our story about the Coconut Man, a villager in his mid-50’s, who sits at his roadside shack waiting for customers to come by? We are awe-inspired by the kindness, compassion, and beauty of this man; a man who taught us long ago, that hydrating drinks are grown on trees and served in coconuts, not made in a lab and bottled in single-use plastics. As opposed to relying on resources and materials that depend upon our limited natural resources on planet Earth, the Coconut Man offers us timely wisdom with a non-judgemental smile. He warmly suggests, replace what you can with natural pre-existing products that sustainably grow on trees, like Coconut Bowls and Bamboo Straws, and instead of using disposable plastics, use sustainable timber cutlery, because what comes from the earth, can be given back to it.

With Roots Grounded in Values

With four key core values, all working in harmony towards a common goal - to make the world a healthier places.

Community and Sustainability.
Community because who would we be without you, you are us and we are you. Sustainability because we no longer have a choice but to cherish our precious planet and to conserve what beauty we have left, to fight the damage we've already done and to be conscious of our consumption moving forward.

Health and Wellness
From our home to yours, we were taught to value our Health and Wellness, because there's really nothing of greater importance? As the humble home of smoothie and buddha bowls, these are two of the most nutrient-dense meals that we can consume in one bowl. Straight from your Coconut Bowl to your cells.

Community, Commerce and Charity
Community, commerce, and charity coexist as the currency at Coconut Bowls. Our community gives to us, and we pledge to give back, which is why part of every single purchase circulates straight back to charities that are concerned with the direct survival of our amazing planet, our people and animal welfare. We believe that products with purpose are the means to our future. Together we can spread this message, and demand that companies give back, while offering solutions to real world problems.

Our Mission

It is our mission to expand our core values and commitment to make a difference in the world, to be the change that we wish to see and to grow as many resources that we can to preserve the beauty in this world - we cannot do this without you. Please accept this as an official invitation to join our Coco Community and commit to partner with us to make a difference. If you already have some bowls grown from trees, help us to spread the message, host a sustainable event, link with our charities, or buy a bundle or plant-based cookbook. They're the perfect gift to give, or reward for yourself. 

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