January Eco Give Back

January Eco Give Back

It’s 2022 and at Coconut Bowls we’re proud to say we’ve got a lot to learn about ourselves and how we can best serve our Coco community. With your commitment to shopping sustainably, supporting purpose led businesses, connecting with nature and health you’re creating a positive impact on the world! 

So in 2022 one of our Coconut Bowls resolutions is to be there for you. We’re going to do our best to support your sustainability journey with coco goodies to help you make the swap from single use plastics and we commit to be the community member you can turn to for eco inspiration.

If you’re new to the Coco Community then you should know that every Coconut Bowl is a purchase to be proud of. As a member of 1% for the Planet we donate a portion of every sale to ocean conservation with Sea Shepherd and reforestation through tree planting projects with HalfCut Org.

Are you ready to partner with Coconut Bowls?

Since 2016 we’ve prioritised collaborations with charities, events, festivals, content creators and health professionals. We get a kick when you share our eco, sustainable & ethical products with your community. So if you’d love to use our handcrafted Coconut Bowls, bamboo straws and wooden cutlery in your food styling, photography, at an event or in any way that aligns with our sustainability values then we’re ready to hear from you.

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