During June, on World Oceans Day you helped us donate $1000 to Sea Shepherd to help clean beaches, take plastic out of our ocean, and protect precious marine wildlife like turtles, dolphins and sharks.

From the reef to the rainforests, thanks to buying Coconut Bowls on World Rainforest Day, you helped us plant over 500 trees with our partners HalfCut on lands lost to deforestation. 

Through June, and all the way back to Coconut Bowls first ever order, we have lived our commitment to CoolEffect’s global projects continues to see the offset of all carbon emitted  from shipping making Coconut Bowls carbon neutral for over 5 years. 

A Coconut Bowl truly is a purchase to be proud of. Aside from our charitable donations, every Coconut Bowls product reclaims waste materials like coconut shells and up-cycles them into beautiful products, providing a natural solution to plastic pollution. And as the world’s most sustainable bowl our coco creations also enrich the lives of coconut farmers and rural artisans by providing them additional income from what was once waste.

So while it may start with a Coconut Bowl, it really begins with you. And no matter where you are in the world - thank you for taking positive action, for sharing our message of sustainability, and for being part of this beautiful movement inspiring healthier people and a healthier planet.

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