5 Sustainable Smoothie Bowl Secret

5 Sustainable Smoothie Bowl Secret

Smoothie bowls are one of our not-so-secret passions. They boost our bods nutritionally and stimulate our sense of creativity. Each bowl can be a canvas for our foodie desires as we whip, sprinkle and splatter all natural ingredients into a delicious frenzy. Following these 5 sustainability steps our Coco Community can make smoothie bowls that have a positive impact on the planet.


By selecting organic fruit and veg you’re supporting farmers that don’t rely on the nasty chemicals in fertilisers and pesticides to grow healthy food. This means the soil is made healthier through agriculture and isn’t being depleted of its nutrients. Soil, water and air are the building blocks for civilisation, they create the carbon that builds healthy bodies. Organic farming actually improves ecosystems by improving biodiversity and releasing less greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. When you’re deciding what to blend into your smoothie bowl consider the positive impact you can have by choosing organic produce.


Visiting your local farmers market is an act of joy. We wander the stalls with our Taste Without Waste sustainable shopping bags, connect with the growers of our food, invest in the local economy and meet the characters committed to feeding the community. If your area doesn’t have a farmers market then look for local labels at the supermarket and consciously consume products and produce that have travelled the least distance to wind up on the shelves. By reducing our food miles we are cutting out greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming and can say our smooth bowl is sustainable and yummy.


Superfoods spice up smoothie bowls. They can come in single-use plastic packaging that is not good for the environment. There are many bulk food stores where you can bring your own jars, produce bags or use paper bags which are more sustainable solutions. Or opt for a brand that is making conscious choices with their packaging available so you can match your purchase with your sustainable values.


We know it’s not a sustainable smoothie bowl unless it’s served in Coconut Bowls. But did you know that the coconut tree is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet? They mature quickly and every part of them is useful. Our Coconut Bowls and Wooden Cutlery are all made from reclaimed waste so eco-friendly souls can serve the most sustainable smoothie bowls. 


The key to a thick smoothie bowl is frozen banana. We’ve all looked at the fruit bowl and seen soft brown bananas starting to go bad. Don’t throw them out, throw them into a Stasher freezer bag and you’ve got the base for nice-cream and smoothie bowls! Once you’re done with your smoothie bowl you may have peels, strawberry tops or other fruit and veg scraps left over, here’s where you can make the final sustainability commitment by keeping them from the trash and adding them to your compost system. 

Following these 5 sustainability steps you have made the most sustainable smoothie bowl possible. What's better than nourishing your body and having a positive impact on the planet at the same time?

Shop Coconut Bowls today and snap and share your creations for your chance of a feature to the Coco Community.

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