Meet the B Corp Brands We Love: Narrative Foods

Meet the B Corp Brands We Love: Narrative Foods


Narrative Food is an award-winning woman-owned Certified B Corp who have built relationships with dozens of small-scale, impact-driven food makers from diverse communities and help to share their mindfully crafted offerings through pantry box subscriptions and a la carte marketplace. Coconut Bowls proudly stands alongside Narrative Food as a Certified B Corp. Beyond this we share values of community and purpose based products so it’s a pleasure to share this intimate conversation we had with Narrative Foods Founder Jennifer Fieldpiette.

What mission and values guide your business?

Our mission is to tell stories of people and places through the foods that we curate. Each vendor we work with has been carefully selected for their commitment to community and sustainability, as well as the quality of their products, and their positive impact on soil health, community health and individual health. Many of our vendors are woman-owned companies working on a small scale and we love to share their products with our customers. 

How can food and what we eat contribute to a better world?

More than anything else we do on a daily basis, how we eat impacts directly on soil health (which can mitigate climate change), community health (keeping food traditions alive and supporting small scale growers and makers), and our personal health (by eating healthy, home cooked meals).

What's one foodie action everyday people can take to have a positive impact on the world?

Support your local organic growers by going to the farmer’s market, or subscribing to a farm box – and then cook dinner from scratch, and enjoy the time around the table with your friends or loved ones. There is nothing more nourishing than time spent around the table eating a mindfully prepared meal.

Narrative Food thoughtfully curates local organic groceries and small batch foods, telling stories of people and place through ingredients and recipes delivered to SoCal doorsteps, delighting our thousands of customers in Southern California. Now in 2022, Narrative Food narrowed its focus to pantry, shelf stable foods of the same authenticity and are shipping nationally.


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