Big Vegan Market x Coconut Bowls Recap

Big Vegan Market x Coconut Bowls Recap

WOW! What a day. It was such a thrill for Coconut Bowls to be an exhibitor at the first ever vegan market to be hosted in Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building. The atmosphere was electric, with visitors hardly containing their excitement as they bounced from stall to stall, munching on delicious plant-based food and having fun with their friends and family!

With over 100 stalls selling vegan food and drinks, fashion, craft goods, skincare and cosmetics. We were lucky enough to be invited to showcase our products alongside top Aussie vegan brands such as; Loving Earth, Pana Chocolate, Pressed juices and Prana On Protein.

We were overwhelmed with the support for our bowls, with customers bursting out with things like “OMG! These are the coolest bowls I have ever seen!” “I can’t believe these are real coconuts!” “Coconut Bowls are the most beautiful natural products ever AND they help reduce waste!”. Our favourite though, was one lady who refused to leave our stall until we sold her one of our new coconut shell soy candles, saying “You will ruin my Mother’s Day tomorrow unless you let me buy one of these candles”. We were only showcasing these on the day, but we agreed to cheekily give a few away on the day, shhhh.

We only attend a handful of markets and exhibitions, yet every time that we do, we leave with a BIG smile on our faces. As we’re predominantly an online business, we don’t get to physically see and talk to our customers all that often, so it is so incredible to see how excited people are to buy a set of coconut bowls, and it’s wonderful to hear all their feedback and suggestions!

One of our favourite parts of selling our bowls at markets is that we put a big basket of coconut bowls at the front of our stand so that people have the chance to forage for their favourite bowls. Rough, smooth, light, dark, small, big… the choice is yours! For some people, it really is love at first sight when they find their perfect coconut bowl. Along with our three types of bowls and two types of spoons. We also had a limited number of brand new products for people to buy and pre-order. Everyone loved our new coconut cups, bamboo straws, coconut palm spoons and chop-sticks! (Which are all coming soon to!)

Our coconut candles were on display (as they are still in the testing phase!) and holey moley were people excited. We had the toasted coconut scented candle burning at our stall and people were being drawn in from metres away! We received lots of suggestions on what flavours we should make and the general consensus was…. COCONUT EVERYTHING! We’re finalising a range of different coconut scents,  that you can expect to land on our website sometime in June!)

Thank you to all the beautiful people  that stopped by our stall to buy a bowl or simply to say hello! We had a coco loco time at Big Vegan Market and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!
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