Why Everyone's Going Coconuts This Christmas!

Why Everyone's Going Coconuts This Christmas!

We invite you to meet Em, an ocean-based photographer in Australia passionate about capturing and protecting our beautiful planet. Here she shares with us some of her images from beautiful Australian waters, and talks about why making sustainable swaps with Coconut Bowls are so important this Christmas!

Holidays are for giving and it is becoming ever more important to choose sustainable, plastic-free options in our day to day lives. By 2050 there is estimated to be more plastic in the oceans than fish! Making simple sustainable swaps in your life & avoiding single-use plastic can add up and make a real difference. Choosing Coconut Bowls is one of those ways!

Coconuts are harvested in their billions, however the shells go to waste and are usually burned. This releases Carbon Dioxide and Methane, contributing to climate change. Using Coconut Bowls helps prevent this waste, supports local communities, and produces a product that is 100% natural

Coconut Bowls is such a great Christmas gift - all their packaging is plastic free, the perfect waste-free gift box! You don't even have to worry about wrapping your gifts up with unnecessary plastic tape!

Need some last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas? Here’s 4 of my fave ways to reduce plastic footprint by gifting sustainably with Coconut Bowls this season:

1. BYO Bamboo Straws

Photo credit: @rawandfree

On average we use straws for 20 minutes, but they can take 600 years to degrade… Switching over to bamboo straws is a great sustainable way to help protect our oceans.

2. Reusable Taste Without Waste Bags

Jellyfish are a staple in a sea turtle’s diet, however plastic bags mimic the look of a jellyfish and can lead to a turtle confusing it for food - an estimated 52% of turtles in the world have eaten plastic!

Instead of using plastic bags at the supermarket, try to remember and grab a reusable bag before you head out the door or keep one in your car, I especially love using my produce bags for my fruit and lose items at the bulk food store!

3. BYO Coconut Bowl

Eating out is great, especially this year as a way to support local businesses. However if you’re eating at food stalls or grabbing a yummy take-away the packaging can often be plastic. Taking your own cutlery / bowl can make a real difference (and it looks great!)

4. Sustainable Scents

Photo credit: @liam.blends

The Coconut Bowls Soy Candles are a great gift for those extra hours we spend at home with family and friends this holiday season. These candles are sustainably made from coconut-soy wax & natural oils and smell absolutely delicious!!!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful and sustainable festive season!

Love, Em x 

Website & Print Store: www.emhanney.com 

Instagram: @em.hanney

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