Coconut Bowls honoured Best for the world: Environment, by B Corporation

Coconut Bowls honoured Best for the world: Environment, by B Corporation

The highest accolade for a brand that strives to have strong sustainable values is to be awarded B Corp Certification. Verified to meet the highest standards of social, ethical and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Coconut Bowls achieved B certification in late 2021, and this August we have been honoured by B Corp as a Best for the World: Environment.

B Corp says "Beyond offsetting carbon emissions and recycling correctly, top scoring businesses are dedicated to implementing innovative business models that directly regenerate the planet and secure its future. Taking bold actions to preserve precious natural resources, from establishing environmental initiatives to maximising sustainable energy, materials, supply chains, and more — they are striving to ‘leaf’ the planet in better condition than they found it."

Coconut Bowls | Environment impact score: 47.8 | B Impact Score: 135.6

Coconut Bowls change the way we consume food for the better by replacing single use plastics with all natural, eco-friendly products like bowls, cups, cutlery and more. After learning that billions of coconut shells are discarded or burnt as waste each year, they wanted to reimagine the waste stream of the coconut tree, and help to provide social and economic security for rural farmers in Vietnam at the same time. Coconut Bowls use sustainable, plastic-free packaging, offset their carbon emissions, and ensure the ‘end life’ of their products are entirely compostable — leaving no negative trace, now or for future generations.



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