Five Choco Loco Coco Bowls

Five Choco Loco Coco Bowls

Chocolate, in any shape or form, will surely satisfy your sweet cravings. That's why we have collected our top five chocolate smoothie recipes for you to devour whenever a craving hits. 

Don't you worry. These are all guilt-free and refined-sugar free. Made with all-natural and wholesome ingredients that are healthy for your body. You will see some superfoods that are sneaked in as well! Never say no to the opportunity to add superfoods into your meals!

Want to take these recipes to the next level? Add a pinch of instant coffee while blending to enhance the chocolate flavour! Your smoothies won't taste like coffee - trust us! 

Now get your Coconut Bowls, Wooden Spoons and your Smoothie Scooper - you'll definitely need them! 


1. Vanilla and Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Vanilla and chocolate. The best of both worlds. The Vanilla side is creamy and luscious while the chocolate side is sweet and decadent. 


2. Chunky Triple Chocolate Nice Cream

Get ready to go choco loco because this recipe contains not one, not two, but three chocolate ingredients in one bowl!

3.  Chocolate Cherry Nice Cream

Fruity chocolate smoothies like this recipe is a great alternative to fruit and nut chocolate bars. Load your smoothie with lots of toppings or keep the toppings minimal - your choice!

4. Chocolate Almond Marble Nice Cream

Marvel over this marble nice cream. Swirling two flavours in one bowl will let you enjoy both flavours in one bite. 

5. Cacao & Reishi Smoothie Bowl

This is the most thick and indulgent smoothie bowl you'll ever have. Texture is super smooth and creamy - almost like a mousse!
Did you like this collection? Let us know which Top 5 recipe you would want to see next! 
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