Journaling with Good Vibes and Green Choices

Journaling with Good Vibes and Green Choices

Why Go Green with Your Journal?

It Feels Good
There's something super calming about writing your thoughts down, especially when you've got eco-friendly vibes around you. You're not just talking to future-you in your diary; you're giving a little nod to Mother Earth too.

Daily Dose of Mindfulness
Each word you jot down is a moment where you're in tune with yourself and the world. It's like a mini-meditation session. Plus, scooping your favourite smoothie from a Coconut Bowl while writing?
Zen level 100!

A Little Therapy
Writing in a space that's all about sustainability?
It's a daily reminder of the little things we do for our planet.
Trust us, it feels therapeutic.

Eco-Journaling: Finding Solace and Sustainability Through Words

Getting Started with Eco-Journaling

Finding That Cosy Spot
Got a favourite spot near a window or a balcony with plants? Perfect!
If you can hear birds or the wind, even better.

Your Journaling Gear
Grab a journal (bonus points if it's made from recycled stuff). While you're at it, pour yourself a drink in an eco-friendly bamboo cup. It’s a mood-setter!

Nature's Writing Prompts
Kickstart with prompts like:

  • Today, the sky looked...
  • Did something eco-friendly today, guess what?
  • Nature made me smile when...

From Coconut Bowls to Paper: The Journey of Mindful Journaling

Growing One Word at a Time

With each entry, you’ll notice it’s not just a diary—it’s a journey with Mother Nature.

And hey, why not add a little extra touch to your sessions with our Golden Goddess, Be Kind, or Grateful Coconut Bowls?

They’re all about good vibes and green choices.

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