Sjana's 5 Favorite Recipes

Sjana's 5 Favorite Recipes


We've collaborated with our beautiful friend, yogi, and wellness blogger, @sjanaelise, and we couldn't be more excited! 
To celebrate, the launch of the Limited Edition Sjana Gratitude Bundle, we've compiled a list of Sjana's 5 favorite recipes for you to try at home! We hope they inspire you to fill your bowls with nourishing meals, and embrace the gentle practice of kindness and gratitude, with every bite.  Enjoy!


1. Watermelon, Cashew and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

This deliciously creamy smoothie bowl is sure to brighten your day. With a little pop of color and heaps of refreshing berry and watermelon flavor, this smoothie bowl recipe is a gently reminder to bring light and love into your daily routine. 

2. Summer-Boost Breakfast Bowl

Berries, mango, Granola, AND peanut butter — we couldn't dream of a better way to start your morning. Filled with all the delicious nutrients and fresh ingredients, this Breakfast bowl is sure to inspire you to slow down, enjoy the morning, and feel grateful for the beautiful day ahead.  

3. Juice O'clock

Whether embracing a slow morning or seizing the day, these 3 deliciously fresh juice recipes will give you the nutritious boost needed for a happy, healthy day. The hardest part will be deciding which one to try first!

Option 1: Apple and Lemon

  • Perfect for a quick boost in-between meals or to enjoy on a hot summers day outside

Option 2: Celery, Baby Spinach, Ginger, Lemon, and Apple. 

  • Start your day packed-full of nutrients with this refreshing combination

Option 3:  Fresh orange juice

  • A much loved classic. Welcome the sun with a glass of fresh OJ and a boost of delicious vitamin C.


4. Home-made Hummus


The perfect quick snack to fill your body with delicious nutrients, and your heart with light and love. Enjoy this hearty Hummus recipe in your favorite Coconut Bowls bowl and take a moment to bring peace and gratitude to your day. 

5. Green with Gratitude Bowl

 Finish your day with a moment of reflection and this Green with Gratitude Bowl. Complete with softy hearty kale, delicious asparagus, and a slight crunch of edamame, this recipe is everything you could ask for in a veggie bowl and so much more!  

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