Take our #sucksustainably Plastic Straw Pledge

Take our #sucksustainably Plastic Straw Pledge


Happy Plastic Free July Coco Fam! We are encouraging you to go plastic free for July (and beyond!)

Our environment is fighting a brave battle with plastic and needs our support. While there are a number of culprits - we’re looking at you straws, cups, bottles and bags - Coconut Bowls is focusing on enemy number one, single-use straws. An unnecessary item of convenience that might seem harmless, the humble straw is one of the worst culprits of environmental damage. They consistently find themselves in places they don’t belong, including our beaches, oceans and other pockets of nature - places our community loves.

Single-use straws can't be recycled, they aren't biodegradable, and they cause serious hard to marine life. Did you know that by 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish. Scary, right?? So let's do something about it!

Take our pledge, join the movement and make change! Commit to being plastic straw free with us for 30 days and we'll reward you with 50% off your first bamboo straw purchase from our sister brand Bamboo Straws.

Encourage a friend or family member to take the pledge with you and we'll gift you our 'Daily Smoothies' e-book. But above all, the biggest reward will be knowing that you are helping to save the environment!

We're here by your side the whole way! We will be sharing knowledge, tips and holding weekly challenges on our Instagram, as well as posting weekly blog posts to support you on your plastic straw free journey this July! Share your progress by using the #sucksustainably.

What are you waiting for? Take the pledge now!




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