Thanksgiving with Coconut Bowls

Thanksgiving with Coconut Bowls

Our Coco Community has become a part of our family, and a part of our lives. This Thanksgiving, let us celebrate it with you. Here are our favourite side dish recipes that you will surely be proud of serving. These recipes are easy, delicious and plant-based.  To make sure that everyone gets a generous serving, be sure to count how many guests you'll have so you can adjust and cook the right amount for your loved ones!

1. Sweet Potato Wedges

It doesn't get any easier than this! Smoky, slighly sweet, and perfectly cooked sweet potato wedges alongside your Mains. Isn't this the perfect vibrant side? Serve this with your choice of dip. We especially love serving this with an avocado dip

2.  Vegan Potato Salad

We never get tired of potatoes, do we? Try this vegan, and healthier version this Thanksgiving! Each bite is creamy and melt in your mouth, thanks to the cashew cream sauce!


3. Orange Salad with Figs

Ready your favourite greens, because this salad will surely be a hit at the table. 


4. Creamy Kale, Pomegranate and Avocado Salad with Garlic Sunflower Cream Dressing

Creamy dressing, full of greens, and the burst of freshness from the pomegranate - this salad has it all. 

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