Want to get featured on our Instagram?

Want to get featured on our Instagram?


This blog post will show you all that you need to know to get your Coconut Bowl photos featured on our Instagram @coconutbowls and our sister account @veganbowls and even on our blog at www.coconutbowls.com which has over 30,000 monthly readers.

So, you’ve joined the Coconut Bowls family and are ready to showcase your lifestyle and mouth-watering food photos to our coco community! We look at our Instagram as a place to bring people together over common interests, like health, wellness, sustainability and plant-based eating. We’re committed to our community and introducing them to things and people that they will be interested in, inspired by and find great value from. 

Every day we’re greeted with over 100 food photos and stories tagged on our Instagram. This is where we find the 5 – 10 photos and videos that we share every day across our social media channels. While most of these food photos and videos look really delicious and incredibly beautiful, there are 5 key things that stand out when we’re looking for the perfect post or story to feature.

  1. The photo/video showcases our Coconut Bowls. Bonus points if it features you, your hands and/or your friends, we love content with life
  2. The photo/video has been taken in natural light, and are not overly filtered. We don’t filter our photos, and just like our food, we prefer it all natur-al!
  3. The caption talks about the photo and tells us things like, what, where, when, why and how. Mentioning @coconutbowls in the caption/story also helps.
  4. You tell us something interesting about you. While yes, we’re interested in your food, we want to know about you too!
  5. The WOW factor. Make our jaws drop, our mouth water, our tummy rumble or our hearts melt.

If you’re ever looking for inspiration about what you can create that may be “insta-worthy” just scroll through our feed – that will show you exactly what we’re after.

Don’t forget to tag us, otherwise we might never ever know you posted.


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