World Earth Day 2018- Help us raise awareness for plastic pollution!

World Earth Day 2018- Help us raise awareness for plastic pollution!

Billions of one use plastics are ending up in landfill and in our oceans every single day. Plastic is not a necessity and there are numerous non harmful alternatives that are also biodegradable.
To help raise awareness to this problem, we decided to donate 5 cafes, 100 Coconut Bowls each, to replace their take away containers with Coconut Bowls for a World Earth Day on  Saturday the 22nd of April.
We asked our coco community to nominate their favourite cafes and we received an amazing response, with over 400 cafes nominated!! A big thank you to everyone who got involved!
We are excited to announce that the lucky cafes to receive our donations are:

We Are Combi, Melbourne/ Byron Bay

Amazebowls, LA

Coco Bliss Collective, Sydney/ Brisbane

Backyard Bowls, LA

Roots Juicery, London

If you live near any of these cafes then make sure you pay them a visit on World Earth Day and get your favourite takeaway food dish served to you in a Coconut Bowl!! And, if you don't then don't worry because the fun doesn't end here...
We'll also be giving away $20 vouchers to for every person who takes their Coconut Bowl to a local cafe and uses it instead of a one-use plastic container.
To enter, simply upload a photo or video to your Instagram (page not Story!) holding your Coconut Bowl (or another reusable bowl from home) in front of the cafe to your Instagram on the weekend of World Earth Day, Saturday- Sunday 22nd of April.
Tag the cafe and use the hashtag #WORLDEARTHDAYCOCONUTBOWLSand nominate someone else to take the challenge next!
We'll share all posts to our Instagram, in a blog post and DM your voucher after the challenge has ended!
Have fun guys, we can't wait to see lots of you getting involved!
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