5 Swaps to Spark your Waste-Free Journey

5 Swaps to Spark your Waste-Free Journey

With all the options out there, choosing a more sustainable lifestyle can seem a bit daunting — but with these 5 simple swaps, kickstarting a sustainable lifestyle is easier than you think! 


1. BYO Container...or Coconut

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When home-cooked meals just aren’t an option, bringing your own container to a favourite take-away spot is a great way to cut down on single-use plastics and waste. Grab a lidded container to enjoy later or our Jumbo Coconut Bowls to indulge right away, and fill with take-away salads, main meals or cheeky treats for a waste-free alternative. 

How do I start?

Always make sure your container is clean, dry and ready to go! If you’re unsure whether your local spot will welcome your personal container, simply smile and ask beforehand — most are happy to save their packaging resources as well.


2. Pack a Bag


Plastic produce bags — the waste culprit that due to its soft nature, can’t be recycled in your everyday bin at home. Bringing your own reusable produce bag not only helps to keep all your favourite produce separate and organized, but is also a super simple swap with a huge impact on the environment! With varying sizes available, you can easily find options that fit all your shopping needs. 

Coco Tip: Forgot your reusable bag? Brown paper mushroom bags make a great compostable alternative for smaller items like cherry tomatoes, leafy greens, or nuts!


3. Eat your Veggies

While living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up meat completely, reducing your intake can largely benefit our planet. By adopting a more ‘meat conscious’ lifestyle and simply cutting out just 113 grams of beef (or the average burger) per week, you can help to reduce greenhouse gas emission (gases which directly relate to climate change), and save roughly 2,500 liters of water!

Need some recipe inspo? 

Check out The Vegan Bowls Cookbook for some of our favourite recipes including a mouth watering Coconut Chickpea Curry, Creamy Mac & “Cheese”, and more!


4. Wrap it Up

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Reusable wax wraps are one of the simplest alternatives to plastic cling wrap — and their fun patterns make them even more appealing! Beeswax contains natural preservatives that not only keeps your food fresher for longer, but also helps to reduce food waste as well. Buy from local sustainable brands or have a crafty afternoon and make your own! 


DIY Wax Wrap:

  1. Source scraps of 100% natural fabric. 

*Upcycling old cotton clothes or bed sheets is a great way to save money and keep them out of landfills!

  1. Cut fabric into desired size and shape
  2. Lay fabric on a lined baking sheet and  sprinkle liberally with wax pellets or shavings. (Soy or Coconut wax make a great vegan alternative to beeswax)
  3. Place in the oven at 100°C until completely melted (4-8 minutes). 
  4. Use a paintbrush to then evenly spread wax over the entire fabric. 

*The wax will stick to the brush! Use one you’re happy saving for future beeswax projects.

  1. Use tongs to remove the fabric from the baking sheet and hang to dry.
  2. Begin wrapping!

Reusable Wax Wrap Care: 
Hand Wash with cold water and light soap, then,  place on a rack or hang dry.

5. Sip Sustainably

Unlike most hard plastic that can go in your recycling bin at home, plastic straws cannot be recycled and unfortunately end up in landfills, or worse yet, polluting our oceans and waterways. 

Reusable straws like our Bamboo straws allow you to sip sustainably and cut down on single-use plastics! 

Want to learn more about the benefits of using bamboo? Check our previous blog post  here


Do you have a favourite waste-free hack?
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