How To Inspire Friends & Family To Live More Sustainably

How To Inspire Friends & Family To Live More Sustainably

You’ve made the choice to become more mindful about your impact on the planet, but your nearest and dearest aren’t as aware or involved as you are. You want to say “come on guys - let's make an impact together”
but how?

We can’t tell our friends what to do, but we can help them to understand and hopefully adopt some eco-friendly habits. Here are our tips: 

1. Show the way

Your actions have a significant influence! Research has found that both leading by example and personality traits significantly influence the cooperation of others. It can be as simple as “If they can do it, so can I”. Once you start to practice conscious and sustainable habits, it will be hard for those around you to turn a blind eye. The longer you lead, the more likely others will be to gain interests, ask questions and adopt sustainable habits too. 

Tip: Implement the compost bin at home & watch your fellow housemates add food scraps to the compost bin too.


2. Use your voice

Think about that inherent reaction we all have when someone tells you what to do.
More often than not we want to do the polar opposite, right?

This approach is more about planting a seed in the mind of others, that may someday potentiate the ripple effect of small or big changes down the line.


Start with a handful of stats & facts 
Gently explain why these stats reinforce why sustainability is important to you

Celebrate the small sustainable changes your friends and family makes
Empower others with knowledge! 


Disempower others for not yet joining the movement
Judge current non-sustainable choices


3. Gift sustainably

    1. We know buying gifts for friends isn’t always easy!
    2. How do you get your friends to can the plastic without directly telling them

    When the season of buying presents comes around, a brilliant way to influence your nearest and dearest is to gift them with eco-friendly, sustainable prezzies!

    Some well-received ideas are:
    Coconut Bowls  in different shapes & sizes
    Plantbased Cookbook 
    Grocery Bag
    Reusable Drink Bottle
    + more here

    PFJ TIP 3

    4. Debunk Myths

    There is no denying that sustainable practices are gaining momentum, both residentially & commercially. However, there are still a few misconceptions about the lifestyle and its accessibility.

    These myths hinder the collective from making changes and slow down the movement. Debunk the belief that “sustainability is too expensive” - when with the right preparation, it can be much cheaper.

    For example: Generally speaking buying in bulk is cheaper. You are not paying for excess packaging (WIN) so often it is cheaper than buying similar items at the supermarket. Without the fancy branding that companies charge for, buying in bulk means you are getting nothing but the product- pure and simple!

    Debunk the myth that one person can’t make a difference - they absolutely can! And do. 
    To put simply, if one person pledges to use a reusable coffee cup everyday for a year, the result is negative 365 plastic pieces contributing to landfill every year. If that individual leads by example and empowers just one other, the result is negative 730 pieces and so on. The ripple effect! 

    1. Empowering and supporting individuals to make personal changes, expands into communities and workplaces. 
    2. Sharing positive stories of solutions engage a wide audience and influence change. People do what they see others do. 
    3. Driving systemic change through a groundswell of community action. 

    Sustainable living is for everyone & with the right tact, you can inspire your friends and family to join you on the journey. Being part of a change for the better is rewarding and contagious for consumers and businesses.

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