Let's introduce you to the wonderful Cadie, the educator and brains behind Waste Free Planet! We invite you to feel inspired and learn more about how YOU can make a difference (and have fun) this Plastic Free July!

Waste Free Planet is one of our fave go-to resources for conscious lifestyle, education and ideas! 

Hey Cadie! Can you give us a little background info on your journey?

"Hi! My name is Cadie Piecuch, I started my journey to low waste and non toxic living pretty young - although I always grew up thrift shopping & being conscious of waste, it wasn’t until the last few years I really became most aware of our effect"

What are your top 3 tips to be successful in Plastic Free July?

  1. Reusable bags: Between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year - Large items as well as micro plastics! Turtles easily confuse plastic bags for food, so it's important that we make the switch to reusable produce bags as well as grocery bags.
  2. Reusable Water Bottles: It’s officially Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s super important to remember to STAY HYDRATED! Next time you’re heading out, ditch the plastic & remember to bring your reusable bottle & fill up as you go!
  3. Plastic Free Produce: This summer I have been loving all of the locally grown plastic free berries & greens. Not only is it fun to shop at the local farm stands, but shopping locally is better for the environment because it reduces C02 emissions as there is far less travel from farm to customer and better for your health as there can be little to no pesticides! PLUS studies have shown that local/organic produce has been linked to having higher nutritional value! Or better yet - grow your own fruits & veg, if you can!



What is your Plastic Free July Pledge?

"To of course, eliminate Plastic Bags! We always make sure to bring reusables with us every time we’re out and about, especially at the grocery store! We have a full arrangement of different sizes from mesh produce bags to carrying bags! We never leave home without them.

Quick Tip: If you drive, always keep some in your car, so they never get left behind!"
Why do you love enjoying meals in Coconut Bowls?

"I love Coconut Bowls, for their sustainability efforts from start to finish. From sustainably sourced materials, production, including working environments, packaging and shipping! We are also pleased that they are as part of 1% for the Planet!"

What is one positive quote you can inspire and leave our audience with for the month of July?
“Let’s all support each other and do the best we can within our abilities! Let’s encourage each other and celebrate our wins and efforts! Perfection doesn’t have to exist before we can make a positive impact”

Have you been taking part in our #BYOCoco Challenge? Don't forget to show us when you bring your reusables this July!

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