After Dinner Mint Nice Cream

After Dinner Mint Nice Cream

If you love mint and chocolate then this after dinner mint nice cream recipe is for you! We've added spinach leaves to create the vibrant green color as well as adding to the nutritional value. Feel free to add other highly-nutritional ingredients such as matcha or spirulina powder for an even brighter and healthier dessert.

Finally, serve this after dinner mint nice cream with your favorite Coconut Bowls for an even better treat. Because everything tastes better out of a Coconut Bowl!

Serves 2-3

  • Bananas, 2 (frozen)
  • Coconut Flesh, 200 (frozen)
  • Spinach Leaves, 1/4 cup (fresh)
  • Peppermint Oil, 1/8 tsp (or to taste)
  • Medjool Date, 1
  1. Combine all igredients in a high-powered blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Transfer to your favorite Coconut Bowls and top with raw mint slice, chopped chocolate and/or fresh mint leaves!



This recipe was created for us by Healthy Luxe, a blog established in 2014 by mother-daughter duo, Jennifer Murrant and Hannah Singleton. The platform evolved from a shared love and appreciation for health, wellness and food.



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