Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding


If you're searching for a really warm, comforting meal this cold season, this rice pudding recipe is just the right dish for you! Top it off with fresh fruits or a warm compote for extra warmth and indulgence.


  • Rice, 100 g
  • Water, 200 ml
  • Oatmilk, 600 ml
  • Cinnamon Stick, 1
  • Agave Syrup, 1 tbsp
  1. Add everything together in a pot and cook slowly on low heat for 50 mins or until the rice absorbed all the liquid. The rice should be soft and the consistency should be thick but still very moist and creamy.
  2. Serve in your favourite Coconut Bowls and enjoy!



Sarah loves cooking and creating recipes. Her goal is to inspire people to eat more vegan food. It can be so easy and delicious to eat plant-based without using any animal products.She is passionate about eating plant-based and filling herself fruits and greens in order to thrive.

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