Ginger Lemon Shots

Ginger Lemon Shots


Immunity boosting shots to take each day! These little immunity shots are loaded with antioxidants and help fight chronic diseases.

  • ¼ cup fresh raw ginger (washed, chopped⁣ not peeled)
  • ½ cup (110 ml) lemon juice (squeezing 3-4 medium lemons should produce about ½ cup juice)⁣
  • 1 pinch ground turmeric / cayenne pepper ⁣
  • 2 tablespoons liquid sweetener of choice
  • blender/juicer
  • nut milk or fine mesh sieve
  • mini glass bottles
  1. Blend ginger with it's skin on using a high-speed blender. Strain the pulp and place it back into the blender.
  2. Juice the lemons until every drop is squeezed out. Place the juice into the blender too.
  3. Add cayenne/turmeric and your liquid sweetener just until everything is incorporated. Place in small jars or a large jar and drink small amounts each day. 




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