Decorative Candle Notice:

NOTICE: Monday July 17th, 2023

Coconut Candles for decorative purposes only. 

Regarding: Current stock of Coconut Lime, Tropical Fruits and Toasted Coconut Candles.

These candles have been transitioned to decorative use only. Crafted two years ago, we have discovered that the wax has expired, and they may now burn faster and produce a larger flame than intended, which could pose a potential fire risk if lit.

Therefore, to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers, we recommend that these candles be used solely for ornamental or display purposes.

Despite this change in use, we're confident that our Coconut-Soy Blend Candles will continue to add a beautiful aesthetic to your space. Let their unlit beauty serve as a symbol of serenity in your home, while ensuring safety for everyone.

Thank you for understanding and for your continuous support. We're working on bringing you a new and improved line of candles that meet our high standards of safety and quality.