10 Reasons Why Bamboo Straws Are The Solution To Single-Use Plastic Straws

10 Reasons Why Bamboo Straws Are The Solution To Single-Use Plastic Straws

10 reasons why Bamboo Straws are the solution to single-use plastic straws

The dangers of plastic straws are well-known at this point. So why do people keep using them? Convenience? Lack of a more appealing alternative? Well, we’ve got a solution that’s not only sustainable, but stylish and convenient too! For those looking to cut plastic straws out of their lives, here are 10 reasons to switch to eco-friendly Bamboo Straws!


They’re made using natural resources

First and foremost, the best thing about Bamboo Straws is their sustainability. Unlike single-use plastic straws that don’t biodegrade and pollute the earth, Bamboo Straws are made using 100% natural materials! They’re a great reminder that nature is the best resource for all of our food and product needs.


They’re biodegradable

This means that if they do re-enter the environment, they will biodegrade safely and without harming surrounding plants and wildlife. The earth is where they belong!


They’re made from one of the most sustainable plants

Bamboo Straws are made out of fast-growing bamboo, one of the most sustainable plants in the world. Bamboo requires no fertilizers or pesticides and regenerates from its own roots so it doesn’t need to be replanted, making our bamboo straws even more eco-friendly!


They create jobs

We are proud to partner with a talented team of artisans, who craft our straws in our Coconut Bowls workshop in Vietnam. We are committed to providing ethical working conditions to our workers, and pay them well above the Fair Trade standard. The growing popularity of Bamboo Straws continues to create more jobs for these artisans, making them a symbol of both environmental and economic sustainability!


They’re antibacterial and easy to clean

Bamboo Straws are not only safer for the environment - they’re safer for you. In addition to being chemical-free, bamboo is also less likely than single-use plastic to harbour harmful bacteria. Oh, and they’re super easy to clean!


They’re reusable

Bamboo Straws are here to put a stop to our society’s damaging ‘throw away culture’. As we continue to produce more single-use plastic than we can safely manage, reusable alternatives are more important than ever. Use them, clean them, and use them again - no waste, no worries!


They can replace single-use straws

Despite increasing awareness of the dangers of single-use plastics, production continues to increase, with most of it ending up in landfill, the environment, and our oceans. Single-use plastic straws are one of the biggest culprits - it is estimated that Americans use 500 million each day. This simply isn’t sustainable, and it’s time to start embracing Bamboo Straws as the alternative.


They’re zero waste

Our beaches are currently polluted by an estimated 8.3 million plastic straws. We’ve all seen the results of this catastrophic amount of waste, as these straws pollute the eco-system of precious wildlife such as birds and turtles. Bamboo Straws are biodegradable and reusable, making them the perfect waste-free option to phase out single-use plastics.


They’re better than paper, metal, and glass straws

Bamboo Straws are organic and totally chemical-free, eliminating the risk of ingesting dangerous toxins. This gives them the edge over paper, metal, and glass straws that either don’t biodegrade as easily or aren’t sustainably made from natural materials. For a more natural feel that won’t harm the earth or your drink, choose bamboo.


They look awesome

You can’t deny that Bamboo Straws are incredibly photogenic. They add a natural touch to every drink, and are guaranteed to increase the Instagram worthiness of your smoothies - trust us, we’ve done our research. Besides, what’s sexier than someone who cares about the environment?

Now, what are you waiting for? Go grab your own set of eco-friendly Bamboo Straws here!

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