Breakfast is on Us

Breakfast is on Us

Some of the tastiest muesli and granola we’ve ever had is created by our friendly Byron Bay neighbours Brookfarm and together we’re giving you 3 FREE servings of our favourites flavours to try with any Coconut Bowls Bundle until midnight Friday 28th Jan!

We first connected with Brookfarm through Coconut Bowls shared passion for environmental sustainability and commitment to community health. Then we had breakfast with them and after that first crunch of Cacao Coconut Granola we knew it was going to be a tasty friendship.

A few coconut cold brews later and they’ve (amazingly) offered our Australian community 3x free sample sachets with any Coconut Bowls Bundle purchased

That means you can try our favourite 3 Brookfarm Granola flavours:

  • Cacao Coconut Granola
  • Gluten Free Muesli
  • Toasted Muesli

We believe in supporting purpose led businesses that put health, environment and community at the top of their priority list. So when you’re considering what to put in your Coconut Bowls each morning know that each serving of Brookfarm is helping a healthier you and a healthier planet. 

How to get your hands on this Brookfarm Breakfast

  1. Add a Coconut Bowls Bundle to cart
  2. Go to checkout
  3. Add Brookfarm option to cart
  4. Check out
  5. Enjoy

For more information on Brookfarm and to order online or find your nearest supplier head to 

*Free Offer lasts until Friday 28th Jan then Brookfarm Breakfast will be $3.75

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