5 Ways to Grow Your Own at Home

5 Ways to Grow Your Own at Home

Coconut Bowls Grow Your Own at Home
Edible gardening is easier than you think!
Save money, miles, water & enjoy tastier, fresher and nutrient-dense produce straight from your garden! Here are our 5 Ways to Grow Your Own fresh produce from a jar, can or Coconut Bowl!

1. Reuse Tin Cans to Grow Herbs or Micro Greens

Reuse old tin cans & handpick fresh herbs from your balcony or windowsill for dinner pots, pizzas and salads!

How do I do it?

1. Save & source old tin cans from your kitchen

2. Decorate them however you like (optional)

3. To avoid cutting a hole at the bottom of the tin to drain, apply a small layer of pebbles in the bottom

4. Place seedlings in each tin, soak in water & watch them grow!

Fastest growing greens: Kale, Basil, Corriander, Rocket, Parsley

Coco Hack: Top your next vegan pizza with fresh basil or use it to create vegan pesto...

2. Start a Sprouting Family

Coconut Bowls Grow Your Own at Home

"Sprouting" is referred to seeds that are grown for their small shoots and are not intended to produce a full-grown plant.

What do I need?

A ​large clear jar, a small piece of natural, breathable fabric and a rubber band. That is it!

How do I do it?

1. Soak your seeds: 3 parts water to one part seeds
​2. Cover & Drain your seeds
​3. Rinse, drain & repeat.
4. Enjoy by themselves or on top of a salad or curry!

Why Should I do it?

Why should I sprout seeds?

  • They’re quick to grow ‘from seed to feed’ in just 1-3 weeks depending on the variety.
  • Can grow many in a tiny area = high yield to space ratio (Great for urban living environments)
  • Suitable for all climates

3. Feed Your Plants Home Compost!

Coconut Bowls Grow Your Own at Home

Plants are just like us, they need essential nutrients to grow and thrive!

The fastest and most natural way to feed your plants is with organic potting mix or with your compost from home.

Create a mix of all the organic matter you have available to you and you will be rewarded!

Save those coffee grinds, tea bags, fruit peels and veggie scraps and add them to your garden bed or pot.

Coco Hack: Add those smoothie bowl banana peels to your soil and your plants will thrive!

4. Plant & Re-Grow Produce With Food Scraps

Coconut Bowls Grow Your Own at Home

The next time you go to discard the ends of beans or an avo seed, pop them in some fertile soil and watch them regrow! 

How to Re-Grow Ginger:

1. Break an inch off the end of the ginger
​2. Plant pieces (bud upward) in an 8-inch pot of soil, keeping the pot warm, constantly moist & draining well
3. Add organic pot-plant feed every 2-3 weeks. Harvest ginger after it is about 4 months old!

Ways to enjoy ginger: In immunity-boosting ginger shots, freshly-squeezed juices, salad dressings, curries or green smoothies.

Other produce you can re-grow: Lettuce, Avocado, Turmeric, Garlic, Leeks

5. Use Your Coconut Bowls as Planters

Coconut Bowls Grow Your Own at Home

Upcycling is at the core of what we do, from wasted Coconut Shells to beautiful Coconut Bowls, Candles and of course...indoor planters!

Coconut Bowls are perfect for plants that require little water like succulents, or you can hammer a little hole in the bottom to let water drain and grow fresh herbs. 

Love this idea? Give that someone special a gift from nature, even if that someone is you!

Do you already grow your own from home?
Show us your garden beds, pots, cans or jars with us and we will share what you do with our entire Coco Community! 
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