Coconut Bowls Q&A Series: Meet the Unicorn Superfood Sisters!

Coconut Bowls Q&A Series: Meet the Unicorn Superfood Sisters!

In this Coconut Bowls Q&A series, we have a chat with twin sisters Cassandra and Sylvana from Unicorn Superfoods! They share with us their business journey, fave smoothie bowl recipes and sustainable intentions. Read below to find out more about these amazing superfood blends and how you can use them with our beautiful Coconut Bowls.

Before we get stuck into the questions we thought it would be good to fill you in on all the Unicorn goss, so what are Unicorn Superfoods? They are 100% Natural & Organic Superfood Powders that are considered high in nutritional value and are so nutritionally beneficial. The best part? There’s just one ingredient! For example their freeze-dried pink pitaya or natural blue spirulina powder! Oh, and of course, your smoothie bowls are going to POPPING with colour!

What inspired you both to start Unicorn Superfoods?

We have always been passionate about our health and fitness which then lead us to learn about nutrition and how important it is to have a well-balanced diet for our physical and mental health. We love creating healthy smoothie bowls and recipes every day. It inspired us to bring out our naturally pigmented superfoods to add to our recipes for those extra health benefits, flavour and colour.

How has your life changed since you began using natural remedies/superfoods in your diet?

We found that superfoods and natural remedies have helped us become more energised and motivated in our everyday life. With the addition of our superfoods to our diet, it has increased our performance mentally and physically. It has also encouraged us to create more nutritious and colourful food to help us stay on track to consume more micronutrients in our diet.

When and where did you first hear about Coconut Bowls?

We heard about Coconut Bowls on Instagram and noticed many influencers and followers using Coconut bowls. We fell in love with the concept of the products being eco-friendly and hand made. It also pairs perfectly with a smoothie bowl. :)

What are your favourite Coconut Bowls products and why?

Our favourite products are the Jumbo Coconut Bowls and the Original sized Coconut Bowls. We love how you can use coconut bowls for almost every recipe and not to mention the food in the coconut bowls look aesthetically pleasing on the eyes. We like to use coconut bowls for our smoothies, porridge, noodles and salads.

What is your ultimate Unicorn Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipe?

Our favourite smoothie bowl recipes using the blends is with the Tropicana Blend or Alkalising Blend


Tropicana bowl recipe:  
1 tbsp tropicana blend

1/2 cup frozen mango
1 1/2 frozen banana
2 tbsp vegan protein
1/4 cup almond milk. 

The Tropicana smoothie bowl makes you feel like you're on a tropical island from the papaya, passion fruit, mango and pineapple ingredients. 


Alkalising blend smoothie recipe:
1 tsp alkalising blend
small handful spinach
1 1/2 frozen bananas
1 date
1 small handful celery and a small handful apple
And a splash of nut milk
Alkalising smoothies are one of our favourites as it's a great way to sneak in your greens whilst tasting delicious!


What is the most popular superfood powder?

The most popular superfood in our product line is Blue spirulina. Our customers absolutely adore the colour and it's amazing health benefits. Blue spirulina is known to be rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage. It helps boost the immune system, increase metabolism and improves digestion. It tastes subtle/neutral making it easy to add to your recipes. 

What are you most looking forward to for the future of your business and/or the future of our planet?

We are most looking forward to seeing our business expand globally and introducing more healthy and eco-friendly products to Unicorn Superfoods. We are excited to see consumers and brands limiting waste and introducing more eco-friendly and sustainable products to help reduce the harmful impact on our environment. As people are becoming more educated on the environmental issues the world is facing, we hope to see a positive change in the future!


We loved creating a conversation with these creative souls and hope that you can use both our products to create an ethically sourced superfood smoothie bowl! If you haven’t already got your hands on our beautiful bowls, click here to explore our entire range of perfectly imperfect upcycled products!


With Kindness & Gratitude,

The Coconut Bowls Team 

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