Coconut Bowls Q&A Series: Raw Coconut Home

Coconut Bowls Q&A Series: Raw Coconut Home

Hi Coco Fam! 

Welcome to our Q&A Blog Series where we chat with various Coconut Bowl distributors, stockists and individuals that inspire and motivate us to live sustainably! For our very first segment, we are thrilled to introduce you to Susie and Steve from Raw Coconut Home who distribute our products throughout Hungary!

Raw Coconut Home is an eco-friendly online store that not only stocks Coconut Bowls goodies but many other products that reduce our excessive consumption and bring you a waste-free lifestyle while tackling one of the most pressing issues of our time: plastic waste.

Fun Fact: 🌿With every $50 spent, Raw Coconut will plant a tree in an effort to restore the Amazon rainforest! Click here to learn more about their OneTreePlanted commitment. 


We invite you to read our interview with Raw Coconut Home, to learn more about their business, passion for sustainability, eco-tips and hopes for the future of our planet.


“While we were on holiday in Bali we got shocked by the plastic pollution in such a beautiful environment. We asked the local people why they think people don’t care about keeping the environment clean. They said because they simply don’t know what plastic is and the families never learned about this issue. Years ago, trash was only coconut shells and banana palm leaves that they threw into the river. It was at that point we realised, we do not need to invent something new, as the solutions are in front of us.”

  • When did you decide to live a sustainable lifestyle? 

“Pretty much after our Balinese holiday. Since Bali, we have been inspired by Australia and New Zealand regarding the solutions and the mindset towards a more sustainable lifestyle.”


  • What was the most difficult part about starting your business?

“More and more people are ready to take the first steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, but a lot of people also lack an understanding of how our habits and behaviours are affecting our planet. This requires a lot of communication from our side. But we enjoy these conversations so much, as we can also learn a lot from our customers, it is not easy but certainly worth it.”


  • When and where did you first hear about Coconut Bowls?

“About 2 years ago, we saw your Instagram posts about fresh smoothies and fruit which we love! We love exploring the world through our travels, as much as we do through social media. And that is where we met Coconut Bowls.”

  • What made you want to work with us?

“We strongly believe in giving quality and value to our customers, followers and personal social connections. Doing something is one thing, but doing something well is difficult. We don’t just want to provide a solution to those who are in search, we want to provide the best solution while giving back to the environment as well.”

  • What are your favourite Coconut Bowls products and why? 

The Jumbo Coconut Bowl for sure, it is just so elegant and it’s a perfect match with our vegan gyros which includes leafy greens, baked potatoes and seitan with plant-based tzatziki.”

  • What are three quick and easy tips you would recommend to live more sustainably?

  1. REDUCE: you need way fewer products in your life than what you think you do now.
  2. REUSE

    They're the basics, but such good tips to go by.

    As next steps we would suggest: 

    ReTHINK: Search for the eco-conscious signs when you buy something. You vote every single day with your purse. 

    Eat PLANT-BASED: Changing your diet changes your feelings, emotions and health which leads to a purer and clearer consciousness.”

    • What has been the most successful part of your business journey?

    “The moment we realised how many people recognise us behind the brand. Already in the first year of our business, we have been invited to talk at international events, introduce our business on TV and present our products at very important events. That has been huge for us and we are so, so grateful for these experiences! :)

    • What is the best part of your job?
    “This is a hard question. We do it because we LOVE IT. Even the hardships. But maybe the energy we give back. We continuously plant trees after our sales around the world and it’s a beautiful feeling that we help the environment by doing what we love. We have had a very successful Amazon Project as well in August, where so many people joined us in helping the reforestation efforts in that area. That was great teamwork.”
    • What are you most looking forward to for the future of your business and/or our planet?
    “The moment when we can say sustainability is not something extra and special but the very basics and must-haves. We have changed our lifestyles step by step and if it wasn’t a way better lifestyle than what we lived before, we would not be here presenting it to so many people. It’s magical and beautiful. That’s why we are here. And we are here to share what we've learned with everyone who is keen to listen. We are in one world. 🌏We share one love.”


    Thank you to Susie and Steven for sharing their story with us and the entire Coco Community, we are so grateful and lucky to have such amazing support for Coconut Bowls around the globe. You couldn’t be more right, we are all in ONE world, and this is the only one we’ve got, so let’s make the most of our ability to change our disposable habits & mindsets in the pursuit of a greener globe.

    To learn more about Raw Coconut Home/ click here! Stay tuned for our next interview segment, we can’t wait to share more inspiring people and stories with you all!

    With Kindness & Gratitude, 

    The Coconut Bowls Team 💚

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