Taline Gabriel introduces our new limited edition Hippie Lane Jumbo Coconut Bowls

Taline Gabriel introduces our new limited edition Hippie Lane Jumbo Coconut Bowls

Omg! It's finally time to share with you my latest project with one of my favourite growing sustainable companies, Coconut Bowls. It's with great pleasure that I announce this partnership with Jake and the Coconut Bowls team to create my custom Jumbo size Coconut Bowl and Spoon with personalised wellness messages and designs!

In case you missed my latest video where I revealed our partnership, and use the custom designed HL bowl for the first time, here's a closer look at the bowl. These jumbo Coconut Bowls are next level not only 'cause they look so cute and help with your food presentation, but also for their perfect size, motivating messages, design ★ and of course sustainability benefits.


Here’s a little background info on Jake and the Coconut Bowls story, Jake launched his business after coming across coconut shell handicrafts aplenty when travelling through Bali. He saw these souvenirs and thought that the shells would make perfect bowls, and decided to have some made before returning home to Australia. It wasn’t until they sold out immediately, did Jake turn Coconut Bowls into a business, as he realised there was a market for it and saw an opportunity to channel his passion for growing a sustainable business that helped reduce waste.

Coconut Bowls reclaim coconut shells from coconut farms that treat them as a bi-product after their flesh and water have been extracted. Think Coconut Water, Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil companies. The Coconut Bowls craftspeople then cut, clean and sand the coconut shells, turning them into beautiful coconut bowls that you can eat from. Each Coconut Bowl is then finished with an organic virgin coconut oil polish.

Coconut Bowls support fair trade practices and currently have workshops in Indonesia and Vietnam. By purchasing Coconut Bowls products, you are actively supporting global sustainability - reducing harm on the environment and reducing resource wastage. Your contribution helps create the cultural change that we are collectively working toward... + you get to have one of these super cute and practical bowls all for yourself!

I've been waiting for a Coconut Bowl of this size so I can easily serve my smoothies and lunches in. If you know me, I like to pack my bowls (the more the better as you can see in the pic below lol) so this size is just perfect for my smoothies, lunch salads and veggie stir-fries. The messages mean so much to me, and totally fits with the Hippie Lane philosophy that sees health as more than just what we eat, and more about how we think and feel. Treating yourself with love and respect is crucial when it comes to living a whole and well life. Hippie Lane and the messages "Be Yo Self" + "Treat Yo Self" + "Love Yo Self" appear on each bowl, and is your daily reminder each time you use your bowl, that kindness starts with you. Confidence and self-love comes with accepting yourself as you are, and honouring you - exactly as is. Daily affirmations are an important part of keeping on track with your wellness goals, and this bowl can help you do just that. I hope you love them and that they inspire you to live mindfully and with purpose.

You will receive your bowl with an engraved wooden spoon which is carefully wrapped in a tissue paper. The perfect gift to give to yourself, to a friend or family member. Every coconut bowl is unique with its own shape, size, markings and imperfections, they are one in a billion - just like you. Individuality and imperfection is something that I embrace wholeheartedly, so this is a special little side-gift that comes with each purchase of these beautiful bowls. Please share your creations with me, I love to see each and every one!

Much love, Taline xo

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