We are often asked how to make the perfect thick & creamy Smoothie Bowls?

Perfecting that smoothie texture and taste is a serious talent, but with these Coco tips it can be made easy. Of course you, our Coco Community deserve to know all the secrets...

1. Frozen Ripe Bananas

Our biggest secret and key to a creamy Coco Smoothie Bowl has to be ripe frozen bananas! The next time you see a few dots forming on your Bananas, chop them up and put them in a reusable freezer bag - you'll thank us later!

2. A High Speed Blender

Our top choice to create thick Smoothie Bowls are Vitamix High Performance Blenders. They allow variable speeds, settings and have the tamper you need to push all that plant-based goodness down into the blender blades! However, there are a range of other affordable blenders that also do the trick.

3. Frozen Mylk Cubes

Any kind of frozen plant-based milk or fruit will help naturally thicken your Smoothie Bowl base up! We recommend about 5 cubes per Smoothie Bowl!

4. Experiment with Nut Butters and Oats

This is a serious creamy hack! Try adding a tablespoon of your fave peanut-butter, tahini, rolled oats or even silken tofu or avo. Creamy by nature, you can get that base blending easier and enjoy the benefits of these plant-powered ingredients!

5. Patience, and use your tamper!

If you have a tamper, make sure you use this to push your smoothie bowl base down into the blender blades. Keep persisting! If you can't get your base to blend, or your blender doesn't have a tamper, you may need to stop your blender and mix your smoothie bowl base around a little with your Wooden Smoothie  Scooper spoon and add a little extra liquid (a tablespoon should be enough).

5. Scoop in your Coconut Bowls & ENJOY!

Scoop all that beautifully colour into your Coconut Bowls and enjoy every bite!

We hope these insider tips help you strengthen your relationship with your blender and enjoy a mouthwateringly delicious Smoothie Bowl in your Coconut Bowls!

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