5 Reasons to Grow Your Food at Home

5 Reasons to Grow Your Food at Home

“The number one thing an individual or household can do, the absolute gold standard, for reducing carbon emissions and saving the planet is to grow your own food at home"
– Eric Toensmeier, Author of The Carbon Farming Solution


There are countless reasons as to why it is beneficial to grow your own food at home, from environmental preservation through to the physical and mental health benefits.

For many people, growing and maintaining produce is put in the ‘too hard’ basket and hey, we get it. That’s why we set out to create a solution, making edible gardening possible for anyone, no matter your age, circumstances, or ability. We invite you to learn more about the Vegepod, raised garden beds that are self-contained and self-watering – all the benefits without the fuss!  

So let’s dive into the top 5 benefits of growing your own from home:

1. It Tastes Better!

The fresher the produce, the better it tastes. You know how sometimes a tomato can be extra juicy or delicious? Well, that’s because it’s fresh. Whether it’s fruit, veg or garnish, anything that comes out of your Vegepod will be better for you, better for the planet and better on your palate. You can go the extra eco mile and serve your home grown produce in a Coconut Bowl – aesthetic, delicious and good for the planet.

2. Amazing For Your Mental Health

Increasingly, people are recognising edible gardening as a mindfulness activity, helping to focus your mind on the present moment. The act of growing your own food has a meditative effect, now often referred to as ‘therapeutic horticulture’. Self-care garden style, we love this!

3. Creates More Nutritious Food

Growing your own food is one of the few ways you can know how fresh your produce is. By the time fruit and veg reach supermarket shelves, it has likely spent a long time in transit and even more likely that it has been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides to help preserve them. As a rule of thumb, the fresher the produce is, the greater the nutritional value. Garnishing a salad with mint or basil picked straight from your garden or a VegePod is as good as it gets!

4. Better for the Planet, and you!

When it comes to protecting our planet, we all know we need to reduce single use plastics, cut back on our meat consumption, and use renewable energy sources as much as possible. A critical point to add to the conversation is the power of growing our own food at home. Not only will you reduce waste and single use plastic by not purchasing supermarket produce, but you also cut out the long-distance transportation of produce which relies heavily on fossil fuels.

5. Easier On Your Wallet

You know that distance we mentioned that produce often travels before it reaches the supermarket? Not only does that reduce the nutritional value and negatively impact the environment but it costs us more, too. Investing in a Vegepod to make growing your own food simple, along with some seeds and good quality soil, will yield fresh fruit and veg for years to come.


To learn more about Vegepod and practical tips for how to grow your own food, head to the Vegepod website: www.vegepod.com.au or Instagram @Vegepod.
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