Monthly Eco-Giveback Report: Our Latest Coco Contributions

Monthly Eco-Giveback Report: Our Latest Coco Contributions

Welcome to our monthly eco-giveback report! It is with your support that we have been able to donate to various environmental organisations. Thank you.
In the past we’ve shared an annual report of our charitable donations with you. As of this month we have decided to release a monthly report! We feel it is important that we acknowledge global environmental issues and do our best to act as a voice, platform and resource for people to understand and act in ways they feel they can.
Read below to see the various environmental organisations we have chosen to support and donate to!

Our Commitment to Carbon Neutral Shipping

Cool Effect Carbon Offset: Community Tree Planting 

Thanks to our Coco Community, in the past 3 months we have offset the carbon created from over 10,000 shipments. Continuing our commitment to offset all the carbon produced from every single order that leaves our warehouses.
Through our partnership with The Cool Effect we have invested in carbon credits which help restore and protect our environment. We have chosen to contribute to

he International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST). 

TIST is a carbon offset project that supports poor farmers across four countries — including Uganda, Kenya and India — to restore their landscapes and improve their lives through tree planting. Tree planting is one of the simplest and most cost-effective means of mitigating climate change, by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.TIST farmers in Kenya have just passed the 10 million tree planting mark. Congratulations!
We are conscious about investing in organisations that work to action our global climate crisis through reforestation.
Carbon is everywhere and yes, it is our problem, but with just a few changes to our lifestyles, we can reduce our carbon output, improve quality of life, and make sure the planet cools down and cleans up for generations to come. 
Here a few easy ways you can reduce your carbon output: 
  1. Reduce meat consumption, start by limiting your intake to weekends. Did you know if livestock were their own country, they would be the 2nd largest emitter of greenhouse gasses? Insane, right?
  2. Remember to turn off your lights 
  3. Attempt a car-free day every week or organise a carpool
  4. Buy produce & clothes locally. Ask yourself, do I really need that plain white T from Sweden? Maybe they have one similar at a local fashion boutique!
  5. Fly less or purchase carbon credits when you fly from Cool Effect to offset your carbon output.
Although we made this carbon problem, we have the opportunity to make a better, healthier world through educating others, investing in carbon credits and making more sustainable choices!

What else have we been up to?

1% For The Planet Partnership: Our Charity Donations

In July 2019, Coconut Bowls became a verified member of 1% For The Planet, where 1% of our annual revenue will be directly invested into verified environmental initiatives!
In recent months we have dedicated our donations to various bushfire relief organizations that help restore, replant and rehabilitate communities and wildlife affected by the heart-breaking fires, burning on our home soil in Australia.

Australian Bush Fire Relief Donations: over $500 to each of the following:

  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Foundation for Natural Parks and Wildlife 
  • Red Cross Australia

Our most recent Coco Contributions:

One Tree Planted
- $1000 to plant 1000 Trees in Australia 

Just this week we have made contributions to global non-for-profit One Tree Planted where every $1 raised goes towards planting 1 tree. Our donation will be put towards planting 1000 trees in various Australian bushfire affected areas! With thousands of wildlife left injured, starving & without a home, our conscious contributions to reforestation organizations will promote new growth to help these animals return to their original habitat. 

Over $2,500 to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization:

NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service - WIRES is the largest rescue and rehabilitation wildlife charity in Australia. They are a non-profit organisation providing rescue and rehabilitation for all native Australian fauna
  •  Just $15 could help provide bandages and medicine for a bushfire affected and injured koala!
Click here to donate or find out more.

$1,500 to The Climate Council:

The Climate Council is a much-needed resource that provides a voice for climate action in Australia where our government refuses to make a commitment to take action.
Contributing is one of the best ways you can push for climate change action and take on the biggest issue of our generation.
Click here to donate or find out more.

Even though
the fires are out, we need to keep talking about climate change and feel that it is important that we use our platform to educate and inspire action within our Coco Community. People power has never been more relevant and with the recent win over Equinor, we know it works, as change is created through actions not opinions!
Thank you all for supporting, creating and loving the Coconut Bowls brand, products and mission. Our Coco Community is at the core of our company and we can’t wait to share our next eco-giveback report with you!
With Kindness and Gratitude,
The Coconut Bowls Team 
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