Pimped Rice Paper Rolls

Pimped Rice Paper Rolls



Delicious rice paper rolls levelled up with Pimp My Salad's Sea Superfoods Sprinkles! It's the perfect topping for your salads, rice bowls and stir fries. 

  1. Soak the rice paper in warm water for about 10 seconds and place on a large plate.
    Start assembling the filling –use a large piece of lettuce as the base for easier rolling and structure.
  2. Add the mixed salad, tofu, vermicelli noodles and sprinkle the Sea Superfoods.
  3. Starting at the top, gently roll it up. Fold in the sides and continue to roll. Continue with remaining rice paper and filling.
  4. Serve in your favourite Coconut Bowls and dipping sauce!


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Eden | @veganbyeden | www.veganbyeden.com

Eden loves creating delicious and simple plant-based recipes. She loves to show how easy and fun vegan living can be and hopes to inspire more people to have some fun in the kitchen and eat more plants.




https://pimpmysalad.com.au/ | @pimp.my.salad

Hi there! We’re Olga and Alex, the founders of Pure and Pimp My Salad brands. Originally from Russia, we travelled the world, and eventually fell in love with Australia. After settling in our new home country, we noticed it was difficult to find healthy snack foods that actually tasted good.

So we began dreaming up recipes to make healthy, natural foods as delicious as they are nutritious. We believe that pure, whole foods, sourced from clean sustainable farms keep us healthy and full of energy. Now, having traded our careers in medical biology (Olga) and software design (Alex) for the adventure of growing Pure Fields, we’re devoted to helping people live healthy, joyful lives — by making eating well effortless.



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