Roasted Vegetable Nourish Bowls

Roasted Vegetable Nourish Bowls

It’s called a nourishing bowl for a reason! Filled with veggies, plant-based protein and healthy fats that your body will thank you for. The best thing is, you can add in absolutely any vegetables you like. We’ve chosen japanese pumpkin, broccoli and cauliflower for a variety of flavours but it is also great with crispy kale, sweet potato and brussel sprouts. We also include organic tempeh or tofu - remembering that soy products are amongst the most important to buy organic to ensure they are not genetically modified - for a protein boost, and an avocado for a good dose of healthy fats.
    • Olive Oil, 1 1/2 tbsp (or coconut oil)
    • Shallots, 2 pcs (finely chopped)
    • Cajun Spice Mix, 1 tbsp
    • Japanese Pumpkin, 600 g (sliced)
    • Broccoli, 1 head (cut into florets)
    • Cauliflower, 1 head (cut into florets)
    • Himalayan Salt, to taste
    • Pepper, to taste
    • Salad Greens, 100 g 
    • Brown Rice, 100 g (cooked)
    • Tempeh, 200 g (or tofu)
    • Avocado, 1 (sliced)
  • Tahini Dressing
    • Hulled Tahini, 3 tbsp
    • Maple Syrup, 2 tbsp
    • Fresh Lemon Juice, 1 tbsp
    • Boiling Water, add until desired consistency is achieved
  1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius.
  2. Arrange shallots and pumpkin on a baking tray, lightly coating with olive oil and cajun spice mix. Bake for aprox. 30 minutes (15 minutes each side) and then add broccoli and cauliflower to the baking tray. Lightly drizzle with olive oil, a pinch of salt, pepper and cajun spice. Bake for a further 15 minutes or until vegetables are soft.
  3. Meanwhile prepare dressing. Simply combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix until well combined. Set aside.
  4. To prepare tempeh, cut into slices and place in a saucepan. Cook over lowmedium heat for approx. 5 minutes.
  5. Place rice in the centre of your coconut bowl and arrange all other ingredients. Drizzle with tahini dressing.
  6. Serve in your favorite Coconut Bowls and enjoy!



This recipe was created for us by Healthy Luxe, a blog established in 2014 by mother-daughter duo, Jennifer Murrant and Hannah Singleton. The platform evolved from a shared love and appreciation for health, wellness and food.



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